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Student Legal Services Annual Summary and Assessment Report

The Annual Summary is a one-page snapshot of key data and metrics from the year.  The Assessment Report offers a detailed analysis of the accomplishment of the SLS mission, student learning outcomes, and client satisfaction based on data collected from confidential online surveys of SLS clients.

(See below for SLS Annual Summaries and Assessment Reports from previous years)

Recent Data Highlights

1,527 client consultations provided in 2021-22 (up 4.7% from 1,398 in 2020-21)

Top SLS consultation topic areas in 2021-22:

  1. Landlord/roommate/lease issues (47.9%)
  2. Police citations for alcohol, shoplifting and other misdemeanor offenses
  3. Small claims court actions
  4. Auto insurance/accidents/other personal injury matters
  5. Family law
  6. Employment

Top SLS client referral sources in 2021-22:

  1. Friend/word of mouth or previous SLS client
  2. Campus administrative or academic department (240+ referrals from 62 different departments)
  3. Personal research by student
  4. City of Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board
  5. Parent of student

Consistent with previous years, the following demographic groups consulted with SLS in a proportion higher than their average numbers on campus in 2021-22: African-American students (44.9% higher than the campus average), Latinx students (8.6% higher than the campus average) Native American students (163.8% higher), transfer students (58.3% higher), students age 24+ (51.4% higher), Pell Grant-eligible students (32.8% more likely to be Pell eligible), and lower-income students (47.0% of SLS undergrad clients had family incomes less than $50,000/year, and median income of SLS clients is 20% lower than the campus median). [All student demographic data is aggregated.]


Among all SLS clients in 2021-22, 4.4% were encountering severe financial distress, 5.4% were dealing with housing insecurity or significant habitability problems, and 3.0% were at risk of potential violence and/or targets of harm.

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